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Traveling workouts – the popsicle stick workout

Summer is almost here and that often means traveling and vacations. I get many requests for workout ideas while on vacation. An easy and interesting one is the popsicle stick workout. Here is how it works:

You will need:

  • Popsicle sticks (available at Target or any craft store).
  • 2 plastic cups – One labeled “Daily Workout”, one labeled “Done”.
  • Permanent pen


  1. Label each popsicle stick with an exercise. I have provided some example exercises below.
  2. Each day you can grab all, or a few, popsicle sticks from your “Daily Workout” cup.
  3. When you have completed the exercise, put the popsicle stick in to the “Done” cup.
  4. When all exercises are in the “Done” cup, repeat.

Exercise examples:

Here are some example bodyweight exercises that you can write on the popsicle sticks.

25 mountain climbers

20 push ups

20 squat jumps

25 burpees

30 situps

30 tricep dips

30 incline push ups

25 alternating side planks

40 hops (20 each leg)

30 jumping jacks

20 inchworms

30 knee ups

15 spider-man push ups

15 diamond push ups

25 supermans

10 tuck jumps

30 prisoner lunges (15 each side)

40 bicycle crunches

30 skaters

50 squats

50 (25 each leg) step ups


Enjoy your vacation and stay healthy!



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  1. Laura Nomura says:

    Great easy plan, I think I will take with me in July to Cabo. Thanks Nat!

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